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Absorb Biotics from Digestive Center is safe for all ages, and is bottled, made, and shipped in America from FDA registered labs with no GMO, fillers, or preservatives. Absorb Biotics is a superior probiotic supplement product using the best selection of beneficial strains and the highest volume of alive and active probiotics, with patented DR CAPS capsules designed to protect microorganisms from stomach acid.

Studies show that probiotics may help with:
  • Reduced food sensitivity.
  • Relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Mental Clarity and lower fatigue.
  • Lose bloat and naturally trim excess weight.

1 Month Supply

+ $5.95 Shipping
(1 month supply)

2 Month Supply
14% OFF + Free Shipping

$38.69/ Package + Free Shipping
Save 14%
(Total $77.38 for a 2 month supply) Regular Price: $89.98

3 Month Supply
20% OFF + Free Shipping

$35.99/ Package + Free Shipping
Save 33%
(Total $107.97 for a 3 month supply) Regular Price: $134.97


I’m Alex Mayfield, the Head of Product Research at Digestive Center. I’m so certain that Absorb Biotics will be a positive change in your life, that I want to offer you this product at no risk to yourself. If you aren’t completely satisfied within 90 days of your purchase, I’ll give you back every dime of your money. Just return all the bottles, whether they’re still sealed, full, or even completely empty, and I’ll refund your purchase completely. There’s absolutely no risk to you.